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About the content of this web site.
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This web site itself structure around a book that finished to write in the 2003 on the supporting José Martí republican ideology (not to confuse with the ideas of the Republican Party U.S.) that is exposed integrally in the column of the left under the title "Content of the book.", and adjusted to the first impression in digital format.

The remainder of the web site covers other themes related to the life and work of José Martí as well as links to other places webs and resources that are presented well in the page, well as discharges or both.

I have created two forums. In the "Main Forum" is analyzed in detail all the content of the supporting José Martí ideology. The "Alternative Forum" has been created like an option for those people that quieran to debate on supporting José Martí themes but without the depth of the main forum. In the same way in "Frequent Questions" I will go placing so much the questions that send me as the corresponding answers. In "Downloads" I will go placing diverse materials that be in direct relation with the central theme. The section "Glossary" is an ambitious project of future by its importance.

I ask excuses by the problems that can find since al to be this my first web site there are questions of programming and design that not yet have been able to resolve.

I give the warmest welcome and I invite to travel through the place as well as to send me as many opinions desire.

Barcelona, October of 2005

About the Content of Book.
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Diverses circumstances agreed so that this book could not see the light until almost fifteen years after the moment at which I began to study the republican ideas of Jose Martí. The initial attempt to present/display in test form these results happened finally in personal political plea against the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Several are the reasons for this change and each one separately would be sufficient to decide in the final result. This it is, therefore, a work that has a character eminently politician.

Two circumstances advise to me to present/display this book in form of selection of appointments. First, so that the reader can have direct bonding with the words of Martí. Second, because it would suffer from serious lagoons since I do not know what it has been published on the subject abroad due to the iron existing censorship in Cuba. It is, therefore, a selection of appointments of which I consider the most significant ideas on its criteria on the republic like type of state in its more general meaning, like in relation to the specificities in which to Cuba one talks about.

This it is my book, the one of exiliado by own will that it had to leave its country to be able to exert the right to express itself aloud without fear to retaliation and mattering if their ideas are guessed right or no. What it really matters is that they are the ideas of a human being that they are drowned before they can be born whenever they do not adjust to the official criterion of the Cuban government, is worth to say, of Fidel.

Barcelona, October of 2005

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